We started this project in 1991 and our purpose was to create something different to what you could find in the Spanish market at the time. We were looking for the quality of the Italian products mixed with the originality of the Spanish designs. With this in mind, we launched our first collection of panties and socks made in Italy and Spain in autumn of 1991.

Our team is headed by the founder of the company: E. Campoamor, entrepreneur, father, and lover of sports. We, as a team of experts in fashion and design, have worked seamlessly together with the founder. As a team we have created Full Colour to bring our customers the finest products.


Our culture of quality and design are values that we have knitted together since we started with Full Colour. We have made our best effort to obtain the highest quality in each of our products and we have been improving day-to-day thanks to putting into practice our client’s opinions. The creativity of our team lets us count with a unique and personal design that has branded Full Colour since its first collection.

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